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Лист-підтримка від European Society for the History of Economic Thought

Dear colleagues, 

On behalf of the Department of Economic History, Institute for Economics and Forecasting NASU,

I would like to express gratitude for the support and solidarity that ESHET demonstrated. We expect that scholars all over the world would stand up against the Russian invasion in Ukraine.

We just wish to live in peace, to ensure that Ukraine’s sovereignty is untouchable and that freedom and lives of Ukrainian citizens are not under threat.Army and volunteers, citizens of cities and villages, men and women, all have united their forces to withstand the Russian attack and protect the future of their country, their kinds and families.
Ukrainian academics are currently not able to conduct their research as we are under attacks of Russian missiles. The vast majority had to leave their houses for shelter. In addition, many scientists have joined the territorial defence forces to protect their towns.

We believe in our victory and will continue our scientific research that will foster economic development, peace and citizens` prosperity. 

Hope to have productive cooperation in the near future.

Best regards,
Victoria Nebrat
Head of the Economic History Department
Institute for Economics and Forecasting
National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine

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