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Skrypnychenko, M.I. (Ed.). (2023). Trajectories of the development of Ukraine’s post-war economy in the coordinate system of the post-pandemic world. National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, SI “Institute for Economics and Forecasting of the NAS of Ukraine”.

ISBN 978-617-14-0107-5 (electronic edition)

The collective monograph presents the results of researches on a model based engine for the macro-simulation to define the trajectories in the development of Ukraine’s economy in the post-pandemic world, with whose help the authors carry out a quantitative assessment of the impact of post-pandemic factors and full-scale military aggression of the Russian Federation on this country’s socio-economic dynamics. The monograph provides various alternative scenarios and an instrumental analysis and substantiates the priority trends (innovative-technological, and humanitarian ones) and sectors-drivers (defense-industrial, agrarian, construction, and trade ones) in the post-war development of Ukraine’s economy. There are scenario based calculations of macro indicators for the period up to 2030 and proposals to promote this country’s sustainable post-war economic development.

Intended for scientists, civil servants and managers, teachers, graduate students and students of economic universities, specialists in the field of economic planning and forecasting.