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Ukrainian agriculture in wartime: resilience, reforms, and markets

This post is also available in: Ukrainian

The Russian invasion of Ukraine led to large-scale destruction and enormous problems in Ukrainian agriculture. Among other things, the war demonstrated the extreme vulnerability of the pre-war model of the development of the agricultural sector, which was based on scale effects, the raw nature of agricultural exports, and the deformed structure of agricultural production. Unfortunately, the war did not stop but only intensified the struggle for resources and government support between big business and family farms. In this context, the report “Ukrainian Agriculture in Wartime: Sustainability, Reforms and Markets”, prepared by a group of Ukrainian and European scientists, presents the dynamics and trends of the development of the agricultural sector of Ukraine before the war, gives some results of the influence of military operations on its functioning, and outlines the possibilities its further development in the post-war period. For this purpose, the results of research by the State Organization “Institute for Economics and Forecasting of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine” were used, which were supplemented by interviews with representatives of civil society, politicians and representatives of agribusiness conducted by the authors of this report during 2022-2023.

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