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Department of the Development of Industrial Infrastructure

Fields of Research: Main fields of research:
- production infrastructure in the national economy;
- modernization of production infrastructure and its impact on economic growth and competitiveness of the economy;
- development of the industrial infrastructure of the system of energy supply;
- the development of the transport system and transport corridors;
- financial and economic mechanisms to increase efficiency and development level of the industrial infrastructure (by its types), institutional support, public and private partnerships;
- tariff policy in the sphere of production infrastructure;
- industrial infrastructure in the processes of globalization and integration.

Personalities: - Methodological approaches to the development of infrastructure sectors as factors to ensure the development priorities of the economy;
- Investigating the condition and problems of the development of the transport-and-road complex for the proper functioning of the national economy and for the increase in its competitiveness; investigating the issues of the international transport corridors to use the national transport transit potential and ensure transport security;
- Directions of the development of energy supply systems with regard of energy and environmental security;
- The impact of infrastructure systems on the development of the national economic complex and the competitiveness of national production;
- Defining the proper orientation of the infrastructure sectors, including:
a) development of the transport system as a factor in the context of the national economic priorities;
b) development of transport corridors and transit potential in the context of the revival and effectiveness of international economic cooperation;
c) innovation based development of energy supply sectors as a factor of sustainable economic development and increase in economic effectiveness, and energy and environmental security.

Major Publications: 1. N.Kudrytska (2010). Ukraine’s transport-and-road complex: present condition, problems and ways of development Кyiv: National Transport University. (in Ukrainian).
2. Yu.Paschenko, O.Nikiforuk (2008). Ukraine’s transport-and-road complex in the international integration. – NIzhyn: JSC Aspect-Polygraph. (in Ukrainian).
3. O.Shestak (2003). Productive infrastructure: essence, classification and specific features in the new condition of economic management. Kyiv: Council for the Study of Productive Forces of NAS of Ukraine / Productive forces and regional economy. pp 190-196. (in Ukrainian).
4. B.Piriashvili, B.Chirkin, Ye.Halynovkyi (2008). Economic space and development dynamics of Ukraine’s productive forces: theoretical and methodological studies. Energy saving in Ukraine and the evaluation of its impact on the development of economic space (Section 4.1.)Kyiv: Council for the Study of Productive Forces of NAS of Ukraine (in Ukrainian).
11. I.Chukaeva (2002). Natural gas in Ukraine’s economy. Kyiv: Naukova Dumka.
13. B.Piriashvili, B.Chirkin, Ye.Halynovkyi (2011). Infrastructure of the fuel-and-energy complex of Ukraine and its regions pp.272-275. Kyiv: LP Formula-1 (in Ukrainian).
16. B.Piriashvili, B.Chirkin, Ye.Halynovkyi, I.Chukaeva (2008). Energy Supply in Ukraine and the evaluation of its impact on the national economic development. pp.182-190. Kyiv: Council for the Study of Productive Forces of NAS of Ukraine (in Ukrainian).

Partners: The Department’s stuff consists of 13 employees, among them a Doctor of Economics and 7 PhDs in Economics.
Assisting Head of the Department is Senior Researcher, Ph.D. Olena NIKIFORUK

Contacts: Institute of Economics and Forecasting of NAS of Ukraine"
The Department of the Development of Industrial Infrastructure
Address: 26 Panasa Myrnoho st., Kyiv, 01011, Ukraine
Phone: +38 (044) 280-26-62