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Sector of International Financial Research

About this department: The sector was created in December 2013 under the leadership of Doctor of Economics Tetiana BOHDAN for in-depth study of global financial transformations in a high degree of openness of the national economy and for developing theoretical and methodological foundations for Ukraine’s international financial integration.
From November 2017 the Sector’s Head is Doctor of Economics Olena BORZENKO.

Fields of Research: - regularities of the transformation of the world financial system and their impact on national monetary and financial policies;
- Ukraine's integration into the international financial space;
- debt policy and management of external debt;
- regulation of cross-border capital flows;
- Ukraine's cooperation with international financial institutions and intergovernmental cooperation in monetary and financial area.

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Research: Systematizing the transformational change in the international monetary system at the level of global economy, international and regional groups and individual countries in the institutional and functional perspective, developing conceptual bases of Ukraine’s monetary policy and proposals for improving the system of currency regulation and currency control in Ukraine;
identifying promising areas of modernization of the international financial institutions at global level, assessing the results and prospects of Ukraine's cooperation with international financial institutions in conditions of the reforms in the IMF and World Bank; formulating proposals for the development of cooperation between Ukraine and international financial institutions;
explaining the phenomenon of volatility on global stock markets, the assessing the system of regulation of the world’s stock exchanges by supranational structures, governmental regulators and self-regulatory organizations; developing measures to effectively counter the significant inflows of "hot money" in the form of portfolio investments on Ukraine’s financial market, and submitting proposals for systemic development of Ukraine’s stock market in the context of globalization;
detecting channels of the influence from excessive debt burden and fiscal adjustment in the EU on the state of Ukraine’s financial system and the sustainability of this country’s public debt; determining a set of measures in the national debt policy as to public borrowing instruments and currency structure of the public debt, which should ensure growing efficiency of Ukraine’s debt mechanism;
justifying the role of international financial and economic relations in strengthening regional and international presence of China, studying the relationships in the financial and economic cooperation between Ukraine and China, determining their effectiveness, and strong and weak points; developing rigorous proposals for improving and enhancing the cooperation between Ukraine and China in financial and economic sphere.

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Partners: The sector employs 8 researchers including 2 Doctors of Science and 4 PhDs.

Partnership: Ministry of Finance of Ukraine,
Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine,
Ministry of Economic Development and Trade of Ukraine,
National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine,
National Bank of Ukraine,
National Commission on Securities and Stock Market of Ukraine,
National Academy of Finance and Economy, Ministry of Finance of the Netherlands,
University of Szczecin (Poland)
Vilnius University,
Athens Institute for Education and Research.

Contacts: 26, Panasa Myrnoho str., Kyiv, Ukraine, 01011,
Telephone: +38 (044) 288-92-34