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Department of Socio-Economic Problems of Labor

About this department: Department of Social and Economic Problems of Labor was created in 2006 to develop the national school of labor economics on the basis of the results of international studies and using modern methods of economic analysis and forecasting.
The main areas of analytical and applied research in the department include developing the theoretical framework and methodological approaches to the regulation of public employment policies and improving the institutional environment of the labor market, improving wage policies, social dialogue, new forms of employment, and the determinants of social and labor potential of Ukraine. The researchers are engaged in the investigations on the measures of migration policy, the introduction of foreign experience in regulating migration, improving institutional provision for migrants’ support, forecasting the conditions of the labor market and its structural components.
Since the establishment, the Department has been headed by PhD, Senior Researcher Victoria Blyzniuk

Fields of Research: - The study of space-sectoral features of the formation of labor potential and development of industrial relations;
- Defining the relationship between productivity and wages, the interaction of the education system and the labor market in conditions of economic modernization;
- Investigating the problems of the shaping of social standards in conditions of socially oriented economy;
- Developing forecasts of the components of social and employment potential in the short and medium term.

Personalities: Based on the theoretical provisions of the neo-institutional theory, the researchers have revealed the formal and informal institutional factors that hinder the establishment and effective functioning of the social and labor sphere and proposed an original classification of institutional traps to its development in individual segments and the spheres of their manifestation.
To ensure the needs of the economy for skilled workers, the researchers have proposed a method of forecasting the labor market needs in terms of professional qualification, based on a scheme of theoretical and logical interaction between vocational education and the labor market.
The researchers have defined the composition of the key imperatives for the national labor market: transformation of labor market institutions and ensuring balanced dynamics in terms of internal and external destructive influences; the need to improve high quality and changing structure of the employment in accordance with the current socio-economic trends; and transformation of reference values in the relationship of employment and free time.

Research: The prospects of the Department’s research include the development of effective mechanisms to overcome the crisis in the social and labor area and the creation of social conditions for the transition to a new quality of economic growth, justification of the ways to reduce imbalances in employment and wages, developing new competencies of employees and professional needs of the employers, and development of the priorities in the approximation of the characteristics of Ukrainian labor market to European standards.

Major Publications: The Department’s researchers, from 2006 to present, have prepared over 500 scientific publications, recommendations, and proposals, which received positive feedback from heads of state authorities; also were prepared numerous presentations at scientific and practical conferences, round tables and seminars, as well as at international conferences.

Main Works:

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9. Blyzniuk, V., Galustyan, Yu., Zhovnir, S., Bilichenko, S. et al. (2015). Report "On the Level of State Policy in the Field of Combating Human Trafficking and the State of Ukraine's Compliance with International Agreements in this Area (based on 2014 data). Ministry of Social Policy of Ukraine, State Institute of Family and Youth Policy. Kyiv. Retrieved from[in Ukrainian].
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Partners: The Department’s staff consists of 10 researchers, among them: 1 Doctor of Economics and 7 PhDs.
Head of the Department is PhD Senior Researcher Victoria BLYZNIUK.

Partnership: Ministry of Social Policy of Ukraine
Ministry of Economic Development and Trade of Ukraine
Committee on Social Policy and Labor, Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine
Committee on Human Rights, National Minorities and International Relations, Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine
Committee on Family, Youth Policy, Sports and Tourism, Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine
Committee on Science and Education, Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine
M.V.Ptukha Institute of Demography and Social Studies
Kyiv V. Hetman National Economics University
The World Bank

Contacts: Institute for Economics and Forecasting of NAS of Ukraine, Department of Social and Economic Problems of Labor
26, Panasa Myrnoho st. Kyiv, 01011, Ukraine
Tel. +38 (044) 280-15-34, 280-00-98
Fax: +38 (044) 280-88-69