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Department of Economic History

About this department: Department of Economic History of State Institution "Institute of Economics and Forecasting of NAS of Ukraine" was created in 2005 based on the Department of the History of Economy and Economic Thought, which had existed since 1947 as part of the former Institute of Economics.
Head of Department, Ph.D., Senior Scientist Victoria NEBRAT.
Scientific Secretary: Ph.D., Researcher L.DIDKIVSKA
The staff of the Department consists of 12 employees, including three Doctors of Science and eight PhDs.

Fields of Research: - methodology of historical and economic research;
- genesis of the organizational forms of economic activity;
- institutional dynamics of the interaction between state and business environment;
- history of market institutions;
- tradition of socially responsible entrepreneurship and philanthropy in Ukraine;
- historical determinants of the place of the national economy in international economic relations;
- the establishment and development of the national model of corporate management;
- the evolution of the concepts of economic development;
- research on and popularization of achievements of Ukrainian economic thought.

Personalities: - As part of the development of theoretical and methodological approaches and improving the methodological tools of historical and economic research, proved the efficiency of the integrated use of institutional and evolutionary methods and engagement tools for system-historiographical and comparative analysis, combining axiological, cognitive and pragmatic principles of the synthesis of causal and teleological approaches of the study of economic history; historical principle as the basis of the cognition of social phenomena in their establishment and development in the organic connection with the conditions that they generate; using hermeneutic and structural comparative methods for studying Ukrainian history of economic thought and historical-genetic method in discovering its axiological continuity; separation and complementary combination of normative and positive components that provide clarification of the internal logic of science and impacts of institutional determinants on the effectiveness of the practical application of the theory;
- In the context of the tasks of historical and economic understanding of the nature and character of contemporary social transformations, revealed their dependence on the previous trajectory of economic development, characterized by the following features: 1) the dominant character of the factors of the formation of market institutions at different historical stages (second half of the nineteenth century, the verge of XX-XXI centuries), which were related to the active government policy and borrowing of institutional standards, proven by global business practices; 2) the permanent replacement of the formal legal mechanisms regulating the economy administrative; 3) a key role of the institution of public finances in the transformation of the economic system; 4) distortion of the institution of entrepreneurship in the national economy on various stages of the emergence and decay of the environment under the influence of state protectionism, foreign capital and the growing influence of financial and industrial, and financial and political groups, and the total state monopoly; 5) institutional discrepancy between the economic, financial and political reforms as the basis of the contradictions of the socio-economic system and the barriers to its modernization.
- The reorientation of the research from the descriptive and chronological pattern to the problematic and historical one aimed at identifying the causes and mechanisms of the inhibition economic development, has led to the systematic study of national heritage of economic thought. In particular, disclosed the paradigmatic changes that took place during the XIX - beginning of XX centuries. in the interpretation of the sources, content, social and economic mechanisms and priorities for economic development due to technological progress, environmental restrictions, the social and cultural determinants of ideological and political imperatives, as well as the exogenous challenges. From the modern positions, assessed the contribution of Ukrainian economists in the research on the key issues of economics and solving practical problems of economic development.

Major Publications: Nebrat V. (2013). Evolution of the theory of public finance in Ukraine. Kyiv: Institute for Economics and Forecasting.
Nebrat V. (2013). Historical financial research in the Ukrainian economic thought of XIX - early XX century. Kyiv: Institute for Economics and Forecasting.
Nebrat V. (2013). Historical financial research in the Ukrainian economic thought of XIX - early XX century. Economika Ukrainy, 4, 80–89.
Kudlasevych A. (2013). Trends in social policy: a retrospective analysis. Ukrainian society,1 (44), 157–170.
Suprun N. (2013). Guidelines on the implementation and development of the social audit in Ukraine Kyiv, Luhansk: RC ETS Research Institute, UAMDBE.
Suprun N. (2013). Guidelines on the assessment of the effectiveness of CSR measures. Kyiv: UNDP.
Nebrat V. (еd.). (2012). The evolution of market institutions in Ukraine, in 2 volumes. Kyiv: Institute for Economics and Forecasting.

Partners: Victoria NEBRAT
The Department’s Head. Research field: The methodology of historical and economic research, history of economic thought and Ukrainian economy.

Natalia SUPRUN
Doctor of Economics (2010), Professor (2005). Chief Researcher. Research field: corporate management, social responsibility, sustainable development, historical evolution of the institution of entrepreneurship, history of national economics.

Partnership: Kyiv Taras Shevchenko National University
Lviv Ivan Franko National University
Kyiv Vadym Hetman National Economic University
National University of "Kyiv-Mohyla Academia"

Contacts: State Institution "Institute of Economics and Forecasting of NAS of Ukraine"
Department of Economic History
26, Panasa Myrnoho st., Kyiv, 01011, Ukraine
Tel. +38 (044) 280-84-07
Fax +38 (044) 280-88-69