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Sector of Sectoral Markets

About this department: The Sector consists of 10 employees, including 1 Corresponding Member of the Academy of Agrarian Sciences of Ukraine, 1 Doctor of Sciences and 5 PhDs.

Fields of Research: Research guidelines
• Institutional support and structural organization of markets.
• State regulation of market economic activities.
• Development of the domestic market.
• Integration into world trade and economic structures (WTO, EU).
• Development of the system of technical regulation.
• Markets in the real sector:
• agricultural raw materials;
• food products;
• energy;
• metal.

Personalities: The prevailing global trend in trade policy is liberalization of the world trade. Since the start of its integration into the system of world trade, Ukraine has been liberalizing its trade regimes. The Sector’s researchers have assessed the effect of the liberalization of trade regimes during the period of Ukraine's membership in the WTO and the potential impact of further liberalization of trade regimes in the FTA on the structure of Ukraine’s domestic market and some markets of individual commodities. They have justified various scenarios of the development of Ukraine’s trade relations with the countries of MS within the EurAsEC and CIS FTA and evaluated possible losses in Ukraine’s trade balance of the country in these scenarios.
Developed the guidelines of state protectionist policy to accelerate structural changes in the domestic commodity production. Based on the conducted research on the conditions of the EU agro-food markets, trading conditions and problems in the trade between Ukraine and EU, several proposals have been prepared as to the development of trade with the EU in agri-food products. A characteristic tendency of the world trade is raising non-tariff barriers, especially by developed countries. In this context, the researchers have defined various theoretical and methodological approaches to the analysis of the impact of non-tariff barriers in international trade and identified the most significant non-tariff barriers in Ukraine’s foreign trade.

Research: 1. Justification of the guidelines for the development of Ukraine’s domestic market.
2. Evaluation of the current and potential impact of the creation of new regional trading unions on external commodity markets and Ukraine’s domestic market.
3. Recommendations for the expansion of trade with the EU under the FTA between the EU and Ukraine.
4. Directions for the diversification of Ukraine’s energy policy under the intensification of integration processes and structural changes in world trade.

Major Publications: Main publications:
1. Heyets V., Ostashko T., Shynkaruk L. (Eds.). (2014) Assessment of the impact of the Ukraine-EU Association/FTA Agreement on Ukraine’s economy. Kyiv: Institute for Economics and Forecasting, NAS of Ukraine.
2. Heyets V., Danylenko A., Ostashko T. (Eds.). (2015). Implementation of the Ukraine-EU Association/FTA Agreement: recommendations based on the experience of East European countries. Kyiv: Institute for Economics and Forecasting, NAS of Ukraine.
3. T.Ostashko (Ed.). (2015). Structural changes and regulation of the markets under the liberalization of Ukraine’s foreign trade. Kyiv: Institute for Economics and Forecasting, NAS of Ukraine.

Contacts: Tel. +38 (044) 280-84-64