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Ukrainian and Italian institutes will cooperate for studying and solving the problems of the future

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Before signing a Memorandum in Naples

On May 11, 2022, the Memorandum of Understanding regarding Cooperation between the Institute of Economics and Forecasting of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine and the Italian Institute of the Future (Naples) was signed. The ceremony took place in parallel in Kyiv and Naples in the Zoom – conference mode. However, in Naples, the Ukrainian side was also represented by a small delegation, which included representatives of the Ukrainian consulate, the Institute of Economics and Forecasting, and a volunteer organization that provides assistance to Ukrainian refugees.

Before signing a Memorandum in Kyiv

At the beginning of the ceremony the Heads of both Institutes – prof. Roberto Paura and prof. V. Heyets.    Speaking on, both of them expressed confidence in the common victory in the ongoing war in Ukraine and stressed the importance of timely preparations for the postwar recovery of Ukraine, given its new place in the Future World system.

   The Memorandum provides for a wide range of activities, which both researching organizations can work closely together in. For instance, it is consistent with issue of preparation of joint research of political and economic consequences of war against Ukraine (both for Ukraine, and for the European Union and the World as a whole). Such a study can become an integral part of the overall project of economic recovery of Ukraine.

The signatories are welcomed by Maxim Kovalenko

The Consul General of Ukraine in Naples M. Kovalenko spoke in his speech about the available business Ukrainian-Italian relations, including in the field of education and science and confirmed the full support of their development by Ukrainian diplomats. The speech emphasized the meaning of such partnerships to promote Ukraine’s European integration aspirations. Separately, M. Kovalenko emphasized that the real treasure of Ukraine is its people, who looks confident in his and pan -European bright future. The Consul General also pointed to specific areas of cooperation that can always find the necessary diplomatic support.

Oleksandr Sharov and Roberto Paura with a signed Memorandum

   The parties has signed separate copies of the Memorandum (which subsequently entered into force), with the hope of exchanging these documents in a personal meeting in a peaceful future. Parties made decision to appoint  the Deputy Head of the IIM for International Cooperation V. Torre (Vincenzo Torre) and the Deputy Director of the IEP Prof. S. Korablin as Coordinators of the joint activities.

Valery Heyets has just signed a Memorandum

The Journal of European Economy (Ternopil) is also a full participant in the cooperation. Articles by researchers from the Institute of Economics and Forecasting are frequently published in the Journal and they are also members of the Editorial Board. Taking into consideration mentioned above the Editor-in-Chief of the Journal prof. E. Saveliev has announced the inclusion in the Editorial Board of the Italian researcher, Head of the Center for European Studies of the Italian Institute of the Future Dr Adriano Cozzolino.

Roberto Paura, Daniela Porpiglia (Vice President and co-founder IIF), Adriano Cozzolino

   Dr A. Kozolino also has expressed confidence that such close cooperation between the three institutions will significantly increase the level of acquaintance of the academic communities of our countries in each other’s researching.

I. Sheshnyova

   The representative of volunteers, manager of intercultural communication I. Sheshnyova in her short speech has stressed that Ukrainian and Italian volunteers today make every effort not only to receive and accommodate Ukrainian refugees, but also to promote bilateral ties, which are designed for positive results in the future. 

   After that, there was an exchange of views on specific areas of cooperation, which was attended by employees of both research institutions.

   In their closing remarks, the coordinators of the ceremony – V. Torre and O. Sharov – thanked all those present for their close cooperation and expressed hope that in the near future the framework conditions of the Memorandum will be filled with concrete actions.

Information on the website of Italian Institute of the Future (Naples)

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