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Dear Colleagues, 

The Economics and Business School of Universidad Anahuac Puebla, México and the Institute for Economics and Forecasting of the National Academy of Science of Ukraine are organizing the International Conference Geoeconomics of the International Monetary Order: Money and Power in the 21st Century. This event will be held on June 7-8, (Mexico City time zone, UTC-6) through VIRTUAL format. 

The purpose of this international conference is to gather experts from several countries and fields to discuss, as a complex phenomenon that needs to be scrutinized from multiple perspectives, the ongoing multifaceted transformation of the global financial and monetary order. Also, the other purpose is to discuss the impacts and implications for this matter of disruptive forces, including the reactivation of strategic rivalries involving major powers, the intensification of both conventional conflict and non-kinetic forms of warfare, the proliferation of FinTech, rising monetary pluralism and the effects of the COVID-19 global pandemic.   

The sphere of money is not just about wealth. Throughout history, money has operated an impersonal force whose behaviour needs to be understood from a long-range multidisciplinary perspective that considers economic, political, strategic, technological, geographical and societal factors. There is an increasing competition to redefine the nature of the international financial and monetary order. Under such systemic conditions, national states are addressing the sphere of money as a domain that entails far-reaching implications for international relations, national security, foreign policy, grand strategy and intelligence.

Taking this scenario into account, it is important and relevant to analyze what are the main trends of these phenomena that will probably be elements that trigger a new international order.

It is with great pleasure that we invite our colleagues to participate in the International Conference organized by Anahuac University Puebla (Mexico) and Institute for Economics and Forecasting (National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine).

The Conference will provide you with a great opportunity to present your work and discuss geoeconomics of the international monetary order with global scholars. It will also include local and regional representation. For the very first time, the Local Organizing Committee is composed of colleagues from two countries, with the aim of strengthening ties with the global community.

Welcome proposals related to the following topics:

  • Geoeconomics
  • International monetary order and main players
  • Strategic competition in the sphere of money and finance
  • De-dollarization and rising monetary pluralism
  • International finance
  • International currencies
  • Digital currencies
  • Geopolitics

Deadline for proposals: May 20, 2023.

The submissions shall include: title of presentation, abstract of presentation (250 words approximately) and executive resume (250 words approximately).

Format: virtual panels (each speaker will have 25 minutes).

Important. As an additional collaborative project, please note that both Anahuac Puebla University and the Ukrainian National Academy of Sciences, have agreed that this project also contemplates the publication of book which will compile the corresponding conference papers.

Contact / organizers

Prof. Jose Carrillo-Pina Prof. Oleksandr Sharov

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