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Archive for грудня 25, 2022

Fundamental Shifts in the Geoeconomic System of the World

On December 20-21, 2022, the Institute of Economics and Forecasting of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, together with the Italian Institute of the Future (Naples), held the International Scientific and Practical Conference "Fundamental Shifts in the Geoeconomic System of the World".

Roberto Paura

The conference participants were greeted by the director of both academic institutions – Prof. Valeriy Heyets  and Dr. Roberto Paura.

Prof. Valeriy Heyets, Institute for Economics and Forecasting, Director

Dear friends and colleagues!

It is great pleasure for me to welcome all of you and pay a gratitude for the support that you personally, your nations and your governments provide to Ukraine in these difficult times. Despite the continuation of Russia's full-scale aggression against Ukraine, we believe in Our Common Victory.

Every year, our Institute holds a traditional International Conference on the Geoeconomic Processes in the World Economy. This year, it is being held by the Institute of Economics and Forecasting together with the Italian Institute for the Future and our other partners in the International Analytical Consortium on Ukraine's Post-War Economic Recovery.

The aim of this year's Conference is focused on assessing the current state of the Global Economy in order to look beyond the time horizon and understand the essence of the Geoeconomic and Geopolitical changes of the Epochs (Zeitenwender). Ukraine will be able to take a new, prominent place in the new Post-War structure of the Global Economy and Politics.

That is why the opinion and views of international experts from different countries, even different parts of the world - from New Zealand, Australia to Asia, Africa, Europe and America - who agreed to participate in our conference - are important to us.

The scale of the Conference leads to a serious conversation, the conclusions of which, without a doubt, will play a significant role in the preparation of the Program for the Post-War Economic Recovery of Ukraine.

I hope that the Conference will provide an opportunity to better understanding of the direction which the Global Economy is moving in. What is important for all of us.

Once again, I welcome all participants and thank you for your support.                                      

Ye. Bublik and
O. Borzenko

The International  Finance Research Sector  (the direct organizer from the IEP) presented two poster reports - "War in Ukraine, climate change and viral infections: impact on geoeconomic shifts in the global world" (Head of the Sector, Prof. O. Borzenko) and "Geoeconomic the structure of the Global Market: Post-War Transformation" (Prof. O. Sharov).  

Prince Michael von Lichtenstein

Other key presentations were made: on the first day – by J.-M. Alonso-Trabanco (New Zealand) and M. Makhmutova (Kazakhstan): and on the second day – by Prince Michael von Lichtenstein and A. Cozzolino (Italy).  

A. Cozzolino

Report were active debated by other experts, including V. Paton (Canada), B. Le Blanc (Netherlands), H. Carrillo-Pina (Mexico), L. Chagelishvili ( Georgia) as well as domestic diplomats (G. Nadolenko, V. Khomanets) and academicians ( Professors A. Hrytsenko, V. Plotnikov, I. Pilyaev, Ye. Bublik, etc.).

The First Deputy Director of the Institute, Prof. A. Hrytsenko, summarized the results of the conference. He highly appreciated the level of Reports and speeches and paid a gratitude  to all the participants. At the same time, Prof. A. Hrytsenko  noted that research in the field of International Economics is held back by the lack of a specialized academic  institution in the system of the National Academy of Science  of Ukraine and made a proposal to recommend turning the Sector of Financial Research into a Department of international economics with subsequent revival on the basis of the department separate entity - the Institute of World Economy and International Relations of the NAS of Ukraine .

    The matter  of the conference are going to be published in the form of a conference paper  and  articles in the academic journals  of the Institute. 


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